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The Decolonizing Curatorial and Museum Studies and Public Humanities Project will be hosting a series of working sessions following the October 28, 2021 Practice and Pedagogies colloquium with presenters and invited participants to forward project and program ideas.

The follow-up working sessions continue the dialogue started at the colloquium and bring focus and feedback to projects as the are underway. Projects include curatorial and collections questions, course curricula development, program development, exhibitions, and archival initiatives, among them.

The workshops are meant to bring together a sustained network of practitioners in Newark and internationally to work through issues and challenges in the field and encourage engaged and ongoing feedback and support.

Working Session I : Wednesday, April 27, 2022
Virtual sessions — Future planning
9-11 a.m. EST and 2:30-4:30 p.m. EST

This session will be thinking of Future planning and also Planning for the future. We will discuss specific plans for projects/programs as well as issues and challenges we are facing as we think through our engagements with community, care, narrative making, and our fields.

Working Session II : June 2022, date tba

Working Session III: October 2022 Session, date tba


The DCMSPHP Working Sessions are supported by Terra Foundation for American Art