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An illustration of a student with a yellow shirt holding a laptop sitting on a pile of colorful books.

Help empower future students.
We are currently recruiting students for a PAID study.


Eligibility Criteria:


         ✔️ Enrolled in a post-secondary Career and Technical Education program. This could be any vocational, trade school, certificate program                 that is not in high school. Some examples are: HVAC Technician, Legal Assistant, Pastry or Culinary Arts, Audiovisual Tech, Cosmetology,                   Health Sciences Technicians, etc. If you are unsure if your program qualifies, send us an email or text us at ‪(856) 463-0525‬.

          ✔️ You must have at least two-thirds of your program left to complete.

          ✔️ Attending school or living in the United States.

          ✔️ Identify as having a mental health condition. This can be depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.


If you fit all three criteria, apply for our study here.

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ABOUT THE STUDY: Eligible students will receive Supported Education services from the Rutgers study team including time management, requesting accommodations, and CTE apprenticeship/job search skills for up to 18 months. Students can continue with their existing school counseling services. 💰 For participating, students will be paid $125. 💰

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WHY IS THIS STUDY IMPORTANT? Students that deal with anxiety or other invisible mental conditions often struggle in silence to get through academic programs. This can also trickle into their future jobs or career prospects. This study aims to help support students that identify as having invisible mental conditions, in completing their academic coursework and leading to gainful employment. During the study, the feedback we receive from students will help us create a guide that can be used by future students, professors, employers, and serve as an important mental support resource. Your participation will directly help future students in CTE programs!