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Theoretical development in DFT and TDDFT

Every Tuesday from July 6th to August 10th, 2021

Recent News

Our thanks to all participants

Today was the last session of the student seminar series on theoretical development in DFT and TDDFT. It was a pleasure to meet you each week. We really enjoyed discovering and discussing the research work of students. Some key figures of this first edition: 22h conference in 6 sessions 29 students presented their work 50+ … Read More

Special session on Machine Learning

Session #5 will bring together students whose work in (TD)DFT is based on Machine Learning. Here is an overview of the presentations we will have the pleasure to listen to: Lenz Fiedler (Attila Cangi’s group): DFT surrogate modeling with the materials learning algorithms (MALA) – Theoretical Background Johannes Gedeon (Miguel Marques’s group): Machine learning the … Read More

Extra session on August 10th

This student seminar series exceeds our expectations thanks to your participation. Therefore, we are very pleased to announce that an extra session will be held on August 10th. Check the detailed schedule for session #6. Welcome to the graduate students who will present their work and many thanks to Juri Grossi (University of California, Merced) … Read More

New videos available online

We are very happy to see you online every Tuesday. Yesterday, session #3 allowed us to discover and discuss the work of: Ben Shpiro (Roi Baer’s group, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Derk Kooi (Paola Gori-Giorgi’s group, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Clotilde Marut (Pierre-Francois Loos’ group, Université Paul Sabatier) Vasil Rokaj (Angel Rubio’s group, Max Planck … Read More

About 100 people online

Today was the opening session. It was really nice to come together as a community. We are so thankful for your participation. At one point, we reached 100 attendees. Thank you especially to the invited speakers!  We can’t wait until next week for session #2. The (TD)DFT Student Seminar Series is brought to you by … Read More

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