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Dr. Guoqiang Wang


Guoqiang is a molecular biologist with excellent logical rational skills and ambitious experimental strategies to discover the fundamental knowledge in life sciences. He joined the Driscoll Lab in September 2014 to study ageing biology and neuroscience with genetic tools. He has collaborated with many labs and personnel in making major breakthroughs in the life sciences.


Current Projects:

(1) The mechanism of exopher production;

(2) The molecular mechanisms to counteract mitochondrial superoxide stress;

(3) Force-responsive biology.




Ludong University, China B.S. 07/2003 Biotechnology
Nanjing University, China M.S. 07/2006 Biochemistry and Molecular biology
Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, Newark, NJ, USA Ph.D. 07/2014 Pharmacology and Physiology




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2.  Wang G, Laranjeiro R, LeValley S, Van Raamsdonk JM and Driscoll M. The glyoxylate shunt protein ICL-1 protects from mitochondrial superoxide stress through activation of the mitochondrial unfolded protein response. bioRxiv 2022 Pages 2022.10.10.511563 DOI: 10.1101/2022.10.10.511563

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4.  Wang, G., Sun, L., Reina, C., Song, I., Gabel, C. and Driscoll, M.. CED-4 CARD domain residues can modulate non-apoptotic neuronal regeneration functions independently from apoptosis. Scientific Reports 2019 Sep 16;9(1):13315.

5.  Amrit, F., Naim, N., Ratnappan, R., Loose, J., Mason, C., Steenberge, L., McClendon, T B., Wang, G., Driscoll, M., Yanowitz, J. and Ghazi, A.. The Longevity-Promoting Factor, TCER-1, Widely Represses Stress Resistance and Innate Immunity. Nat Commun. 2019 Jul 17;10(1):3042.

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10.  Yan, J.B., Wang, G.Q., Du, P., Zhu, D.X., Wang, M.W., and Jiang, X.Y. (2006). High-level expression and purification of Escherichia coli oligopeptidase B. Protein expression and purification 47, 645-650.


Awards and Distinctions:

2019 Einstein Nathan Shock Aging Center Pilot & Feasibility Award. Co-PI

Keystone Symposia Scholarship, Jan 13 – Jan 17, 2019, in Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colorado

2016 Post-doctoral Cancer Research Fellowship Award from New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research (NJCCR); Jan. 1st, 2016 to Dec. 31st, 2017; $50,000 per year

Travel Award at the ASBMB Special Symposium, entitled Mitochondria: Energy, Signals and Homeostasis, June 27 -29, 2012.


Advisory experiences:

Lab Research Advisor to Undergraduate Student                                                          

Aarushi Parikh (2019-2020; Rutgers University)

Julia Li (2019-; Rutgers University)

David Jimenez (2018-2019; Rutgers University)

Payal Shah (2015-2018; Rutgers University)

Vishal Patel (2016-2017; Rutgers University

Senior Thesis Advisor to Undergraduate Student    

Sarah Brook – (Henry Rutgers Honors Award, thesis highest honors designation, 2016; Rutgers University)

Kanchi Raval – (thesis highest honors designation, 2020; Rutgers University)