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Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Associates

Erik Charych, Ph.D.                             2004-2007

  • Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Present Position: Senior Scientist at Lundbeck

Yangzhou Du, Ph.D.                            2004-2008

  • American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Present Position: Patent Lawyer at Gearhart Law

Hongxin Chen, Ph.D.                         2004-2009

  • Present Position: Research Associate, UMDNJ Newark

Baogang Li, Ph.D.                               2006-2007

Damien Carrel, Ph.D.                        2007-2010

  • FRM fellowship
  • NJCSCR Postdoctoral fellowship
  • Present Position: Lecturer, Paris Descartes University

Penelope Georges, Ph.D.               2007-2008

  • Present Position: Instructor, U Penn

Norell Hadzimichalis, Ph.D.          2008-2010

  • Present Position: Outside-Innovation Associate, North America, R&D Sourcing & Consumer Science Group

Hyuck Kim, Ph.D.                            2010-2012

  • Present Position: Research Associate, Gomez-Pastor lab at the University of Minnesota

Vaishali Kulkarni, Ph.D.                   2010-2011

  • Scientific Team-The Scrutinizer, Adjunct Faculty- Kean University

Yue Zhuo, Ph.D.                                2011-2012

  • Present Position: Associate Research Fellow, Center of Synthetic Biological Engineering Research, Guangzhou Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Munjin Kwon, Ph.D.                          2012-2013

  • Present Position: Senior Scientist, Dong-A Socio Holdings, Korea (South)

Jungho Park, Ph.D.                           2012-2012

  • Present Position: Senior Scientist, KRIBB, Korea
  • INSPIRE Postdoctoral Fellow

Frank Kung, Ph.D.                             2014-2017

  • Present Position: Health and Wellness Partners

Barbara Akum, Ph.D.                         2015-2016

  • Present Position: Assistant Professor, New York University

Harita Menon, Ph.D.                           2013-2018

  • Dr. Menon earned her B.S. inZoology from University of Delhi, India, M.S. in Marine Biology from Cochin University of Science and Technology, India, and Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachussetts. Her interests are in mechanisms underlying dendritic arborization. Harita was a recipient of an Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award/INSPIRE from the NIH. She is currently teaching part-time at Georgian Court University and Rutgers University.


Ph.D. Students

Vincenzo Guarnieri                            2002-2003

  • Visiting student from University of Torino, Italy

Barbara Akum                                     2002-2005

  • Rutgers nominee for The Council of Graduate Schools Dissertation Award
  • Currently an Assistant Professor at New York University

Maxine Chen                                        2002-2006

  • Currently Medical Director, Trio, an FCB Health Company

Kenyatta Lucas                                    2002-2007

  • NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship Awardee
  • Currently a Technical Specialist at VWR

Harini Sundararaghavan                     2004-2008           (co-mentored with David Shreiber)

  • Currently an Associate Professor at Wayne State University

Jose Fernandez                                     2005-2008

  • NSF IGERT Fellow
  • Currently Director of Research and Development at Signum Biosciences
  • Recipient of NJCST Postdoctoral Fellowship

Michael Wininger                                  2005-2009           (co-mentored with William Craelius)

  • Currently an Associate Professor at University of Hartford

Michelle Previtera                                2006-2009

  • IGERT Predoctoral Fellow
  • Bevier Dissertation Fellowship
  • Currently Assistant Clinical Trial Manager at Agile Therapeutics

Munjin Kwon                                        2006-2012

  • Currently Senior Scientist, Dong-A Socio Holdings, Korea (South)

Melinda Kutzing                                   2006-2011

  • Currently a Managing Partner at Bionest Partners

Christopher Langhammer                   2007-2009   (MD/PhD student)

  • NJCSCR Predoctoral fellowship
  • Currently an orthopedic surgery resident at UCSF

Eric Sweet                                               2007-2011

  • Currently an Associate Professor at West Chester University

Chia-Yi Tseng                                          2006-2011

  • Currently Asst. Professor at Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan

Daniel Komlos                                         2008-2011

  • Currently orthopedic surgery resident at Maimonides Medical Center

Kristina Hernandez                                2009-2015

  • IGERT Predoctoral Fellow
  • Currently Medical Writer at MediTech Media

Ana Rodriguez                                        2011-2016

  • Bevier Dissertation Fellowship
  • Currently Medical Writer at BIONYC, a division of BGB Group

Kate Fitzgerald O’Neill                            2012-2017

  • NJCBIR Predoctoral Fellowship
  • Currently postdoc at Losert Lab at the University of Maryland

Chen Liang                                               2012-2017

  • Currently Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, Shanghai

Mihir Patel                                                 2013-2018

  • NJCBIR Predoctoral Fellowship
  • Currently Scientist at Adello

Przemyslaw Swiatkowski                        2014-2018

  • NJCBIR Predoctoral Fellowship
  • Currently Patent Agent at Troutman Pepper

Anton Omelchenko                                  2015-2020

  • NJCBIR Predoctoral Fellowship
  • Currently Associate Scientist QC Flow Cytometry at Bristol Myers Squibb

Nisha Singh                                             2017-2022

  • NJCSCR Predoctoral fellowship
  • Currently Senior Scientist, Merck

Marina Cararo                                          2018-2023

  • CAPES Predoctoral Fellowship
  • Dissertation Completion Fellowship