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Rutgers Food Waste Team in the News

4 way to make your takeout food order less wasteful. Chrissy Callahan April 12, 2021.

Takeout food offers a convenient and safe way to enjoy restaurant-quality food at home — especially during the pandemic. But all those takeout containers, condiment packets and silverware sets can create a lot of unintended waste. While we’re not about to give up our takeout habit anytime soon, we can take small steps to ensure that our next order is a bit less wasteful. Here are four tips you can try. [Read More]


New Brunswick Schools Lead Way in Food Waste Reduction. Chuck O’Donnell, TAP into New Brunswick. July 18, 2019.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – Salvaging and redistributing unused packs of carrots, containers of milk and other food items from school lunchrooms just might be the next big idea in the struggle to feed the 1 million food-insecure residents across the state.

And, the New Brunswick school district is one of the few to have implemented the plan.

Instead of throwing away their unwanted apples, bananas, and other food items, students at Roosevelt, Livingston and Redshaw elementary schools since January have been placing them on so-called share tables. [Read More]

Food Waste Summit at Rutgers University Focuses on Local Schools. Catherine Nguyen, My Central Jersey. July 18, 2019.

One million residents in New Jersey are food insecure. Of them, 12 percent are children. On the other end of the spectrum, a third of the food produced in the country is not consumed. One in five people in the private sector work in the food industry.

At the School Food Waste Reduction Summit held Thursday at Rutgers, these numbers fueled the conversation on the meals people were not eating, whether due to cost or being thrown away. Dozens of attendees from local schools, education boards, composting companies gathered to listen to case studies and brainstorm ways to reduce food waste in their hometown. [Read More]


EPA gives $50,000 grant to Rutgers to help Paterson schools reduce food waste Jonathan Greene, Paterson Times August 22, 2018


Want to reduce food waste? Give students a choice at lunch, says Paterson schools James M. O’Neill, North Jersey July 25, 2018

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