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Gal Hochman is a Professor at the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics at Rutgers University. Dr. Hochman received his Ph.D. in Economics at Columbia University in 2004. Although, while coming out of his Ph.D., he focused on international trade agreements and crony capitalism, his stay at UC Berkeley introduced him to energy and agricultural biotechnology; his current focus includes issues related to development, energy, the environment, technology, and trade. Dr. Hochman is also keen on understanding the importance of policy in facilitating the transition to sustainable and resilient supply chains and an improved understanding of aquaculture technologies and their role in future food supply chains. Dr. Hochman presented his work at numerous conferences, has 58 peered-review publications, some in top journals, and has 116 publications. He is currently the Council On Agricultural Food & Resource Economics board chair.

Affiliated with

Rutgers Climate Institute

Areas of specialization

  • Environmental and energy policy
  • The transition to a decarbonized energy system
  • The economics of renewable energy
  • The political economy of fuel policy
  • Regulating greenhouse gas emissions of fuels
  • The political economy of agricultural biotechnology

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