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I am a developmental psychologist with training in psychiatric and behavioral genetics. My primary area of focus is on how substance misuse affects and is affected by social factors and close relationships across the lifespan. Within this broad theme, I take a genetically informed perspective, with the dual goals of delineating gene-environment interplay among substance use and relationship factors, and strengthening inferences in observational data.

Recent Papers

Additional publications can be found in MyBibliography or  ORCiD

  • Haydon KC, Salvatore JE. A prospective study of mental health, well-being, and substance use during the initial COVID-19 pandemic surge. Clin Psychol Sci. online ahead of print.
  • Salvatore JE, Larsson Lönn S, Sundquist J, Sundquist K, Kendler KS. Disentangling social genetic from rearing environmental effects for alcohol use disorder using Swedish national data. Psychol Sci. 2020;31(9):1140-9. PMCID: PMC7797583.
  • Cho SB, Smith RL, Bucholz K, Chan G, Edenberg H, Hesselbrock V, Kramer J, McCutcheon VV, Nurnberger Jr J, Schuckit M, Zang Y, Dick DM, Salvatore JE. Using a developmental perspective to examine the moderating effects of marriage on heavy episodic drinking in a young adult sample enriched for risk. Dev Psychopathol. 2021;33(3):1097-106. PMCID: PMC7775899.
  • Stephenson M, Barr PB, Knsinan A, Aliev F, Latvala A, Viken R, Rose R, Kaprio J, Dick DM, Salvatore JE. Which adolescent factors predict alcohol misuse in young adulthood? A co-twin comparisons study. Addiction. 2020;115(5):877-87. PMCID: PMC7156309.

Current Projects

R01 AA028064
Salvatore (PI)
08/05/2020 – 06/31/2024
Using genetically informed designs to understand the impact of parental divorce/separation and parental marital discord on offspring alcohol outcomes

R01 AA015416
Salvatore/Dick (MPI)
09/10/2020 – 05/31/2025
The development of alcohol misuse and related problems from adolescence to early midlife

U10 AA008401
Porjesz (PI), Role: Co-Investigator
09/01/2014 – 08/31/2024
Collaborative study on the genetics of alcoholism (COGA)

R01 AA023534
Kendler (PI), Role: Co-Investigator
03/01/2020 – 02/29/2024
Social, developmental, and genetic epidemiology of alcohol use disorders

R01 AA023534
Kendler (PI), Role: Co-Investigator
03/10/2021 – 03/09/2026
Genetic, social, and developmental epidemiology of drug use disorders

Past Projects

K01 AA024152
Salvatore (PI)
05/05/2016 – 6/31/2021
Genetics, romantic relationships, and alcohol misuse in emerging adulthood

Genetics and Human Agency Initiative/Templeton Foundation
Salvatore (PI)
11/01/2016 – 12/31/2019
A conceptual analysis of the dyad as a unit of analysis in genetically informed research

F32 AA022269
Salvatore (PI)
09/05/2013 – 09/04/2015
Genetically-informed designs of externalizing behavior and romantic relationships