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     Dr. Jack Aiello has taught a broad range of courses. However, his teaching endeavors extend beyond the classroom. With the support of former Douglass Dean Jewel Cobb,  Jack has initiated and obtained external funding for an innovative internship program (i.e., the Science/Management Certificate Program) for female science majors (including Psychology). During its first five years and then again from 1988 until 1992, Jack directed this pioneer program (the first of its kind in the nation) and supervised the internship placements of the students. The more than 100 students who were members of this program uniformly reported feeling that it was “one of the most beneficial facets of their college careers.”

     Jack takes his teaching responsibility very seriously and regularly involve a dozen or so undergraduate honors and research students in his program of research. Together with his graduate students, Jack meets regularly with this research team to provide supervision and perspective on current studies and to discuss the research process and obtained results. This research team approach has allowed Jack to act as a mentor for more than 600 psychology undergraduates, many of whom have gone on to graduate school and have become psychologists themselves. With his graduate students, Jack has been able to additionally involve them in the research planning, presenting, and publishing process.




373: Organizational and Personnel Psychology

I teach two different versions of Organizational and Personnel Psychology (01:830:373).  One is in a traditional classroom setting and the other is a hybrid course, which has online meetings in addition to classroom lectures.  Below are representative syllabi for each type.

Traditional Version
Hybrid version

510: Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Spring 2010 syllabus

Courses Offered in the Past

Undergraduate Courses Offered:

  • Principles of Social Psychology – Social aspects of behavior. Topics such as socialization, communication, small-group interaction, attitudes and attitude change, social perception, and social conflict.
  • Experimental Social Psychology – Research methods for laboratory and field studies in social psychology. Logic and design of behavioral experiments; analysis and interpretation of data; writing of formal laboratory reports.
  • Advanced Social Psychology – Multisectioned course with each section investigating advanced problems and issues in social psychology. Contact department for titles, descriptions, and requirements of sections.
  • Organizational and Personnel Psychology – Social psychological research and theory applied to industrial problems. Personnel selection, job satisfaction and morale, organizational effectiveness, group and intergroup relationships, and communication in work settings. This is an example syllabus Fall 2012 Syllabus
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Ecological Psychology
  • Nonverbal Communication and Interpersonal Behavior – Review of psychological theory and research on perceptual, cognitive, social, and personal growth during infancy and childhood.
  • Infant and Child Development
  • Current Issues in Psychology
  • Social Interaction in Groups – Empirical findings and theories drawn from research on small-group behavior, group development, leadership, conformity, deviation, and intergroup relations.
  • Communication in Decision-Making – Higher level cognitive processes including reasoning, problem solving, hypothesis testing, judgment, and decision making.
  • Seminar in Science Management
  • Honors in Psychology – The seminar will assist students in their honor’s research project and their preparation for graduate school or jobs.
  • Stress, Health, and the Workplace

Graduate Courses Offered:

  • Social Psychology
  • Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology – Here is a copy of the syllabus Spring 2010 Syllabus
  • Internship seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Social Psychology of Organizations
  • Dynamics of Small Groups
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Approaches to Personality
  • Seminar in Social Psychology
  • Developmental Survey and Lab
  • Psychological Problems and Theories
  • Management and the Behavioral Sciences
  • Research Methods in Social Psychology
  • New Developments in the Social Psychology of the Workplace