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Advised graduate students – PhD

current    Lauren Frazee* (co-advisor, E&E Graduate Program, Rutgers [E&E]).

current    Jennifer Blake-Mahmud* (advisor, E&E).

2015    Dr. Laura Shappell* (co-advisor 2010, advisor since 2011, E&E, Rutgers). Ph.D., wetland plant ecology, 2009-2015. Career: NYDEP, GIS specialist working on invasive wetland species.

2012    Victoria Ferguson (advisor, Plant Biology Graduate Program [PBGP], Rutgers) PhD track, 2011-2012.

Plants2012    Amy Manning (advisor, E&E) PhD track, 2010-2012. Career: Environmental science educator, specialist in edible wild plants.

2010    Dr. Sasha Eisenman* (advisor, PBGP, Rutgers). Ph. D. Taxonomic and ethnobotanical evaluation of Central Asian medicinal plants, 2004-2010. Career: tenure-track Assistant Professor at Temple University.

2009    Dr. Katherine B. Lepis* (advisor, PBGP, Rutgers). Ph.D. Systematics of Chelonanthus, Gentianaceae, 2002-2009. Career: Lecturer at Monmouth University; botanical inventory specialist for NJ DEP and Meadowlands Foundation.

2008    Dr. Jeanmaire Molina* (advisor, E&E, Rutgers). Ph.D. Systematics of Leea (Leeaceae), 2003-2008. Career: postdoc in Dr. Purugganan’s lab at NYU, rice genomics; Associate Professor at Long Island University.

2008    Dr. Cynthia “Cindy” Frasier* (advisor, PBGP, Rutgers). Ph.D. Systematics and biogeography of Strychnos, Loganiaceae, 2002-2008. Career: Postdoc with Missouri Botanical Garden in Madagascar on local flora project; postdoc at University of Nevada and Omaha Zoo working on lemurs in Madagascar.

2004    Dr. Joseph Bischoff* (co-advisor, PBGP). Ph.D. Systematics of Clavicipitaceae, Ascomycota. Career: NCBI (Genbank), Fungal Taxonomist; Visiting Scientist, USDA; APHIS National Mycologist, USDA.

Advised graduate students – MSc

2016    Shenhao (Shawn) Yao (advisor, PBGP, Rutgers). 2014-2016. M. Sc.

2013    Lauren Spitz Poster* (advisor, E&E, Rutgers). M. Sc., 2011-2013. Career: PhD student in E&E program at Rutgers.

2002    Juanita Choo (advisor, E&E, Rutgers). M.Sc. Ethnobotany of palms. Career: Ph.D. in ethnobotany, Univ. of Texas-Austin; postdoc at University of Michigan; Researcher, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology.

PhD dissertation committee memberships (year of graduation)

current Jenny Dorey (committee member, The New York Botanical Garden/CUNY Graduate Program). Ph. D. track, Revision of the Carex laxiflora species complex.

current Joni Baumgarten (committee member, E&E Graduate Program, Rutgers). Ph.D. track, Soil microbial diversity in energy crop systems.

2018 Fatima Foflonker (committee member, Microbial Biology Graduate Program, Rutgers). Ph.D. track. Understanding the genomic bsis of salinity and stress adaptation in the green alga, Picochlorum.

current April Whitney Jackson* (committee member, E&E, Rutgers). Ph.D. track. Climate change effects on native populations of American maples in the hard maple species complex.

current Julia Perzley (committee member, E&E, Rutgers). Ph.D. track. Urban plant ecology.

2015 Dr. Julien Vieu (committee member, Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland). Ph.D., Systematics of Macrocarpaea (Gentianaceae). Career: postdoc in Switzerland.

2015 Dr. Ryan Rebozo* (committee member, Drexel University). Ph.D. Population dynamics of the endangered Pine Barren gentian. Career: Director of Conservation Science for Pinelands Preservation Alliance, NJ.

2014 Dr. Brittany Graf (committee member, PBGP, Rutgers). Ph.D. Quinoa as functional food crop. Career: Fulbright postdoc in Ecuador, postdoc at Rutgers University.

2014 Dr. Patricio Rojas (committee member, PBGP, Rutgers) Ph.D. track, Anti-leishmaniasis drugs from plants. Career: Faculty position at Universidad de Las Américas, Quito, Ecuador.

2013 Dr. Elena Tartaglia (committee member, E&E, Rutgers). Ph.D. Hummingbird moth ecology and pollination effects. Career: Faculty position at Bergen County Community College.

2012 Dr. Ari Novy* (committee member, PBGP, Rutgers). Ph.D. Evolution and population genetics of Microstegium. Career: Public Programs Manager at US Botanic Garden, Washington, DC; Executive Director of US Botanic Garden.

2012 Dr. Donny Walker* (committee member, PBGP, Rutgers) Ph.D. Evolution and niche evolution of Ophiognomonia, Ascomycetes. Career: Tenure-track faculty position at Finlay University, OH.; Tenure-track faculty position at Tennessee Technological University.

2012 Dr. Rocky Graziose* (committee member, PBGP, Rutgers) Ph.D. Anti-malarial drugs from plants. Career: Research Director at Bio-Botanica; Consulting.

2010 Dr. Jeremy Raincrow (committee member, Molecular Biosciences Graduate program, Rutgers). Ph.D. Evolution of hox genes in teleost fishes.

2009 Dr. Luis Meija (committee member, PBGP, Rutgers). Ph.D. Evolution of Gnomoniaceae. Career: postdoc at Penn State University; Researcher, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.

2007 Dr. Dana Price (committee member, E&E, Rutgers). Ph.D. Evolutionary studies of dung beetles. Career: Tenured Faculty at Salisbury University, MD.

2004 Dr. Kristin Mylecraine* (committee member, E&E, Rutgers). Ph.D. Population biology and systematics of Chamaecyparis, Cupressaceae. Career: postdoc at Lisle Gibbs’ lab at OSU, population dynamics of Canada geese; Program Manager, New Jersey Audubon Society.

2003 Dr. Philippe Chassot (external jury member at thesis defense, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland). Ph D: revision of Swertia, Gentianaceae.

2003 Dr. Jason R. Grant* (external jury member at thesis defense, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland). Ph.D. Revision of Macrocarpaea, Gentianaceae. Career: Coordinator of External Affairs, National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) – Plant Survival, Université de Neuchâtel; Conservation genetics coordinator for international EU-project on alpine plants; Faculty position at Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland; Director of the herbarium at Université de Neuchâtel.

2003 Dr. Rocio Cortés*, (committee member, The New York Botanical Garden/CUNY)). Ph.D. Systematics and biogeography of Retiniphyllum (Rubiaceae). Career: Professor of botany at Universidad Distrital in Colombia.

2001 Dr. Guilhem Mansion* (external jury member at thesis defense, Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland). Ph.D. Systematics of Centaurium, Gentianaceae. Career: postdoc at University of Zürich, Switzerland; Scientific Curator, Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Berlin, Germany.

MSc thesis committee memberships

2015    Christopher Satch (committee member, PBGP, Rutgers). M.Sc. Exploration of Chufa (Cyperus esculentus L. var. sativus Boeck) as a novel specialty crop for the Northeastern United States.

2011    Sarah Pena (committee member, E&E, Rutgers). M.Sc.

2010    Jessica Cummings (committee member, E&E, Rutgers). M.Sc.

2008    Niall Dunne* (committee member, E&E, Rutgers). M.Sc. Green roofs and their ecology.

2008    Bonnie Farrell* (committee member, PBGP, Rutgers) M.Sc. Conservation and reproduction of Aconitum novoboracense, Ranunculaceae.

2003    Deborah Gries (committee member, E&E, Rutgers). M.Sc. Use of PalmPilots in botanical teaching in elementary schools.


2016    Christopher Scalera, SEBS Honors (safety of foraging edible plants)

2016    Kelsey Kaskoun, Aresty fellowship recipient (media opinions on weeds)

2016    Alex Calamia* (media opinions on weeds)

2016-2017    Ngoc Kim (population biology and morphometrics of weedy plants)

2016    Garrett Hess* (invasive species and their temporal and spatial history in New Jersey based on herbarium specimens)

2016-current    Mary Margaret Mumich*, SAS Honors thesis (female botanical collectors in Chrysler Herbarium’s history: Barbara Palser and Erica M. Frank)

2015    Gemma Milly (conservation and ecological assessment of NJ endangered plant species)

2015    Carlos Olivares* (botanical research and education in New York City parks)

2015-2016    Kurtis Himmler* (Personal Bioblitz 2015)

2015    Fiona Zheng (scientific illustrations of trees of Rutgers campus)

2014-2015    Nicole Cullen*, Aresty fellowship recipient (fitness evaluation of weedy Oxalis)

2014-2015    Shirley Xiao (leaf anatomy changes during climate change in Acer; with Jason Grabosky)

2014    Travis Kling, RU research advisor for international research (biodiversity of plants in fragmented chalk grass lands in Downs, UK)

2014    Alisha Sharma*, Aresty fellowship recipient (weeds in parking lots)

2014-2015    Kieran Hunt (Flora of Rutgers Campus – trees)

2014    Jeffrey Geist (ecology of brown marmorated stink bugs)

2014    Katie O’Connell (histological studies of Acer leaf anatomy)

2013-2015    Aishwarya Bhattacharjee*, Aresty fellowship recipient

2013-2015    Sara Morris-Marano* (edible weeds, opportunity and safety)

2013-2014    Dominique Dionne, SAS Honors project (invasive weeds and their nursery sources in the Rutgers EcoPreserve)

2013    Michael Ciappi, Aresty fellowship recipient (Island biogeography of weeds in parking lots)

2013    Elizabeth Banyar (Uses of weeds as value-added plants in agriculture)

2013    Jessica Gowing (development of lesson plans in how to use weeds as a teaching resource in middle school biology classes)

2012    Patrice Crocevera (arthropod biodiversity in raised beds in urban gardens)

2012-2015    Lauren Palatini*, Aresty fellowship recipient (weed biodiversity in raised beds in urban gardens, and weed inventory of campus parking lots)

2011    Jenny Burkhalter* (Revision of Andean Symbolanthus, Gentianaceae)

2011    Shehrieen Bhaktyar (development of positive and negative controls for field assays of bioactive plants)

2010    Jeanette Allogio* (Revision of Andean Symbolanthus, Gentianaceae)

2009-2010    Amy Sharma, recipient of Aresty research grant (Population genetics of Helonias, swamp pink)

2009-2010    Vera Chuaypradit*, recipient of Aresty undergraduate research grant, presenter at Rutgers undergraduate research symposium (Ethnobotany of Cornus, dogwoods)

2008-2011    Stacy Brody*, recipient of Aresty undergraduate research grant (Review of antimalarial uses of gentians worldwide)

2008-2009    David Zaitz, recipient of Aresty research grant (Evolution of Symbolanthus)

2007-2009    Ramya Raviram*, recipient of Aresty research grant (AFLP-based population genetics of Metasequoia)

2007    Melissa Li (phylogenetic research in Leea)

2006    Cindy Puzio (wood anatomy in stressed trees; with Jason Grabosky)

2006    Bernie Isaacson (wood anatomy in stressed trees; with Jason Grabosky)

2006-2007    Sarah Kelsey* (Introduction of non-native species through ship ballast in New Jersey)

2006    Caolan Kovach-Orr*, Cook Honors program (Spatial and evolutionary analysis of Brazilian gentians)

2006    Beth Kushner, Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science and Engineering (The phylogeny of Strychnos, Loganiaceae)

2006    Kaitlyn Turo, Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science and Engineering (The phylogeny of Strychnos, Loganiaceae)

2006    Hope-Elizabeth Clennon, Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science and Engineering (Solid ballast as vector of foreign plant species into the eastern United States)

2006    Katrina Dulatas, Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science and Engineering (Solid ballast as vector of foreign plant species into the eastern United States)

2005-2006    Dan Kulakowski* , NSF-funded research internship, Cook Honors program (Phylogeny of tribe Helieae, Gentianaceae)

2005-2006    Kristen Paul, Project SUPER, Douglass College

2005    Phillip Miarmi*, NSF-funded research internship (GIS analysis of distributional and environmental data from gentians)

2004-2005    Angela Gorzyca*, NSF-funded research internship, Cook Honors program (Phylogeny of Chelonanthus-Helieae)

2004-2005    Wendy Peters* (now Rosica), NSF-funded research internship (trilingual field guide to Tachia, an anti-malarial plant)

2003-2005    Matthew Kinkade*, Rutgers Research Council-funded research internship; George H. Cook Honors’ thesis (Revision and systematics of Tachia (Gentianaceae))

2003-2004    Jillian Jaworski*, NSF-funded research internship (Phylogeny of tribe Helieae).

2002-2003    Jeanmaire Molina* (Revision of Neuburgia)


(‘Herbarium Army’) in the Chrysler Herbarium

2017    Cathrin Cruze, Herbarium Technician
2017    Connor Tally, Herbarium Technician
2017    Roma Gandhi, Herbarium Technician
2017    Lourdes Aubreu Thomas, Herbarium Technician
2017    Casey Hamilton, Herbarium Technician
2017    Alex Morris, Herbarium Technician
2017    Candace Wiedeman, Herbarium Technician
2017    Brianna Cerione, Herbarium Technician
2017    David Ionaid, Herbarium Technician
2017    Devika Jaikumar, Herbarium Technician
2017    Dorothy Lee, Herbarium Technician
2017    Janel Borden, Herbarium Technician
2017    Jesika Tixi, Herbarium Technician
2017    John Kerr, Herbarium Technician
2017    Jordan Plaut, Herbarium Technician
2017    Melissa Snow, Herbarium Technician
2017    Siddhant Bansal, Herbarium Technician
2017    Shermila Villanueva, Herbarium Technician
2016-2017    Alexander Stollery, Herbarium Technician
2016    Alexandra Ambrose, Herbarium Technician
2016    Brionna Primiani, Herbarium Technician
2016    Emily McCue, Herbarium Technician
2016    Gabrielle Porfido, Herbarium Technician
2016    Kathleen van Valen, Herbarium Technician
2016    Mars Potros, Herbarium Technician
2016    Kerisa Naicker, Herbarium Technician
2016    Lyndsay Paladino*, Herbarium Technician
2016    Rachael Fastige*, Herbarium Technician
2016    Renee Artigues*, Herbarium Technician
2016-current    Rebekah Buczynski*, Herbarium Technician
2016    Alexandria Sun*, Herbarium Technician
2016    Tesia Lin*, Herbarium Technician
2016    Ashley Sidhu, Herbarium Technician
2016    Cassandra Sidhu, Herbarium Technician
2016    Noha Haggag, Herbarium Technician
2016    Garrett Hess*, Herbarium Technician
2016    Carlos Olivares*, Herbarium Technician
2016-current    Megan King*, Herbarium Technician, from May 15 2016 – Collections Manager
2016    Victoria Cusimano*, Herbarium Technician
2016    Jessica Ray*, Herbarium Technician
2015    Dorian Wilkerson, Herbarium Technician
2015    Patricia Chan, Herbarium Technician
2015    Lauren Brough, Herbarium Technician
2014-current    Rachel Rodriguez*, Herbarium Technician
2013-2016    Jill Azzolini*, Digitization and Herbarium Technician,
upgraded to Interim Collections Manager, then Collections Manager (2015-2016)
2013    Ashleigh Rosier, Digitization Technician
2013    Elizabeth Pyshnik, Digitization Technician
2013    Karina Moy, Digitization Technician
2011-2012    Kendra Avenger, Digitization Technician
2011-2012    Charlene Smith, Digitization Technician
2008-2011    Sean Lynch, Digitization Technician
2008-2009    Amanda Giesler, Digitization Technician
2008-2009    Sara Mellor, Digitization Technician
2008-2009    Charles Oropallo, Digitization Technician
2008-2009    Ellie Sine, Digitization Technician
2008-2009    Santiago Salicrup, Digitization Technician
2008-2009    Jennifer Huang, Digitization Technician
2008-2009    Katherine Douglas, Digitization Technician
2008-2009    Nathan Rausch, Digitization Technician
2008-2009    Lindsey Harrington, Digitization Technician
2007-2009    Neha Gutham, Herbarium Assistant
2007    Dakota Goldinger, Herbarium Assistant
2004-2005    Sherezade Dubash, Herbarium Assistant
2005-2006    Shrada Gottumukkala, Herbarium Assistant
2005-2006    Kristen Paul, Herbarium Assistant