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What does it mean to be secure in the 21st century? How can we sustain security for all people over a lifetime? The 2019-2020 Gardner Fellows explored these questions during their year-long fellowship. Their spring projects reflect these themes in many forms and we have grouped their presentation into four themes: 1) Security and (In)Justice, 2) Sustainability, Health, Well-Being 3) War, Development, and Sustainable Peace and 4) Economic and Educational Cooperation and Development.

Introduction by

Professor Lisa L. Miller

Department of Political Science
Director, Lloyd C, Gardner Fellowship
in Leadership and Social Policy

Grace Alt, Luke Hinrichs, Hena Mehta, Adriana Scanteianu

Rohit Aita, Julia McMillan, Juan Santiago

Veronica Bido, Valmir Magjuni, Julien Rosenbloom

Jurgen Lipps, Dylan Serrentino-Mullins, Nathaniel Serio, Chelea Wong

Gardner Fellowship Leadership

John Adams, a graduate of Rutgers College Class of 1965, endowed The Lloyd C. Gardner Fellowship Program in Leadership and Social Policy to honor Rutgers Professor Emeritus Lloyd Gardner, a Board of Governors Professor and the Charles and Mary Beard Professor of History. Though Professor Gardner retired several years ago, he continues to serve Rutgers students through teaching and scholarship. Mr. Adams took Professor Gardner’s course in “Recent American History,” and remembers him as a professor “who instilled in us a lasting intellectual curiosity.”

Professor Lisa L. Miller, Program Director, Political Science
Professor Dennis Bathory, Political Science
Professor Alastair Bellany, History
Professor Brad Evans, English
Professor Jennifer Jones, History
Professor Kevon Rhiney, Geography
Professor Andrew Vershon, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry