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Major equipment available in the our laboratory includes:

  • three Shimadzu HPLC systems (two LC-10Avp and one LC-20A), and one Waters Acquity UPLC system each with full computer control, photodiode array detector and an autosampler (one Shimadzu 10Avp has an additional fluorescence detector)
  • one HP Model 8453 diode array UV/vis Spectrophotometer with an automated sipper and 8-position multicell thermostatable transport system
  • one Molecular Devices SpectraMax Plus 384 plate reader
  • one CEM Discover SP Microwave Synthesizer
  • one Savant SPD131DDA SpeedVac
  • one SP Scientific Virtis Model FM25EL-85 Freezemobile freeze dryer
  • three low temperature freezers (-20 °C, -40 °C and -80 °C)
  • two ISCO CombiFlash Companion NextGen (100 and 300) automated flash chromatographic systems
  • one Agilent 1200 series HPLC with G6140A Quadruple LC/MS
  • one Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX API 4000 LC/MS/MS System with a Shimadzu LC-20A HPLC system
  • one Waters Acquity UPLC – Synapt G2 HRMS fitted with LockSpray source
  • one BIAcore 3000 for biomolecular interaction analysis
  • one Hitachi F-4500 fluorescence spectrophotometer
  • one Nexcelom CellometerAutoT4 automatic cell counter
  • one PerkinElmer/Wallac Victor3V multilabel counter/plate readers capable of measuring absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, FP, and TRF in 1-1536 well plate formats
  • one Perkin-Elmer FlexDrop IV Precision Reagent Dispenser
  • one collection of 12 Chiralcel and Chiralpak columns (normal and reversed phase, analytical and semi-preparative) for chiral separation.

We also have our own cell culture laboratory with a class II Type A/B3 NuAire Laminar Flow Biological Safety Hood, two CO2 incubators, an Olympus CK2 Inverted Microscope, and a PerkinElmer/Wallac Victor2V Microplate Reader for antiproliferative assays.

If your company has used equipment to donate, please contact me at