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Academic Positions

  • ISCA (International Speech Community Association) Board Member in charge of Workshops (2021-2025).
  • EFL (Empirical Foundations of Language) International Chair position, LLF (Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle), University of Paris VII (Jussieu) Paris, France
  • Distinguished Professor, Linguistics and Center for Cognitive Science (RuCCS), Rutgers University, USA
  • CNRS research leave (délégation CNRS), LPL, Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Full Professor, first level (PR1), Aix-Marseille Université (AMU), France.
  • Full Professor, second level (PR2) of Phonetics, Phonology and Prosody, Aix-Marseille Université (AMU), France.


On-going funded collaborations

  • NSF Convergence Accelerator Phase I and II grant (2040638). “Data & AI Methods for Modeling Facial Expressions in Language with Applications to Privacy for the Deaf, ASL Education. Start Date: 09/15/2020 – End Date: 05/31/2021 & Linguistic Research”. $960,000. Co-PIs: Dimitris Metaxas (Rutgers University, Computer Science), Carol Neidle (Bosto University), Matt Huenerfauth (Rochester Institute of Technology).
  • ANR Blanc 2018 (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, France), Human voice production and speech perception as a locus of gender (de)categorization: Shifting towards an emergent non-binary gender paradigm, co-PI Maria Candea (Paris III). 179,229 euros (2018-2021). Co-PI: M. D’Imperio (LPL, AMU).
  • Brain and Language Research Institute (BLRI), LABEX Aix-Marseille Université, “Integration of linguistic-contextual cues and prosody in processing sarcastic speech: an electrophysiological study”, with Maud Champagne-Lavau (LPL) and Catherine Liegeois-Chauvel (INT, Marseille). 6,510 euros.

Editorial Work

  • Associate Editor, Journal of Phonetics (Elsevier).
  • Review Editor, Frontiers in Psychology (Language Sciences).


Administrative and collective activities

2019- present  
  • Member of the Advisory Council of the Rutgers Cognitive Science Center (RuCCS), Rutgers University, USA
  • Member of the Executive Council of the Rutgers Cognitive Science Center (RuCCS), Rutgers, University, USA
  • Member of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Dept. of Linguistics, Rutgers.
  • Member of the Graduate Admission Committee, Dept. of Linguistics, Rutgers.
  • President of the HCERES (Haut Conseil de l’évaluation de la recherche et de l’enseignement supérieur) committee for the evaluation of the SFL laboratory (Structures Formelles du Langage, CNRS), 11/2/2019.
2018- 2020
  • Area Chair for prosody, phonetics and phonology, INTERSPEECH.
  • Member of the CNU (Conseil National des Universités, suppléante), section 07, France.
  • Head of the Aix Group on Prosody, LPL (UMR 7309 CNRS).
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the AISV Association (Associazione Italiana di Scienze
    della Voce), elected member.


Recent Invited Talks

  • Invited speaker, ‘Perceiving intonation in a multilingual society: the effect of cognitive and
    indexical differences’, First International Conference on Tone and Intonation (TAI), University of
    Southern Denmark, June 15-18 2021.
  • EFL (Empirical Foundations of Language, Paris) International Chair – Visiting Professor, four-week
    lecture series (June 2021) Prosodic interfaces with pragmatic meaning: a laboratory phonology
  • Invited speaker, ‘Co-speech gestures, intonation and information structure : un système où tout se
    tient?’, Institud Jean Nicod, CNRS-EHESS – Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (France), Dec 3
  • Invited speaker, Sensus – Workshop on the formal study of meaning in Romance languages –
    University of Massachusetts at Amherst, September 26-27 2020.
  • Invited speaker, ‘Perceiving intonation form and meaning: current challenges’, Workshop on
    Representations in Intonational Phonology (RIP) 2020, International Conference on Speech Prosody
    2020, University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan), May 23 2020.
  • Invited speaker, ‘Prosody and head gesture marking of focus in French: a window into language
    acquisition’, Haskins Laboratories, New Haven, Staff Talks, April 30 2020.
  • Invited speaker, ‘The parsing of prosody: implicit and explicit prosodic effects on syntactic parsing
    and language-specific phonetic cues’, Doctoral seminar series – Department of Humanities,
    University of Salerno (Italy), April 3 2020
  • Invited speaker, ‘The impact of cognitive and indexical variability in the use of prosodic cues in
    meaning process’, RuCCS Colloquia (Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science), Rutgers University,
    Feb. 4 2020.



  • Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (French HDR), University Paris III “Sorbonne Nouvelle”. “Aspects prosodiques de l’italien de Naples: proéminence, catégories accentuelles et cibles tonales”.
  • Ph.D. in Linguistics, The Ohio State University, USA. “The role of perception in defining tonal targets and their alignment” (co-advisers: M. Beckman & K. Johnson).
  • M.A. in Linguistics, The Ohio State University, USA.
  • Laurea/B.A. (Modern & Foreign Languages and Literatures), University “Federico II”, Naples, Italy.



  • PR1 (Full Professor, first level), Aix-Marseille Université (AMU), Linguistics, France.
  • PR2 (Full Professor, second level, Phonetics and Phonology, Aix-Marseille Université (AMU), France).
  • Tenured researcher, CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), CR1 (level 1), Laboratoire Parole et Langage, UMR 7309 CNRS, Aix-en-Provence, France.
  • Postdoc, Loria laboratory (INRIA), Nancy, France (Prosodie dans l’acquisition des langues secondes).
  • Invited Researcher, Speech Production and Perception Laboratory, Queens University, Kingston, Canada. .
  • Consultant and Summer Intern, Bell Laboratories, New Jersey, USA (Text-to-Speech Synthesis (June – August 1997; January – April 1999).
  • Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) and Teaching Assistant (TA), Department of Linguistics, The Ohio State University, USA.


Prizes, Dsitinctions

2021 (June)
  • Labex EFL (Empirical Foundations of Language, Paris) International Chair – Visiting Professor, Paris, France
  • Fellow, Acoustical Society of America


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