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Lab for Machines, Manufacturing, and Mechatronics (Mmm…)

Discover (Science)

  • Physics of flow through hierarchical and paper-like materials
  • Dynamics and control of soft material-based mechanical systems
  • Understanding the properties of cold atmospheric plasma
  • Simulation and design of flexible electronic and robotic systems
  • Manufacturing science for rapid prototyping and repair

Plan (Engineering)

  • Skin-like sensors capable of detecting touch and force
  • Flexible electrodes that generate cold plasma to sanitize microbes
  • Platforms for biosensing and wearable devices
  • Flexible and soft robotic systems capable of locomotion and manipulation
  • Additive manufacturing with nozzle-based extrusion of thermosets

Act (Go and Do)

  • Invention of electromechanical systems that become a part of our daily lives
  • Team of united and diverse researchers
  • Education of the next generation of engineers and leaders
  • Dissemination of research results to a broad audience

Reflect (Accomplishments)

  • Career development of lab researchers
  • Intellectual property with granted patents
  • Collaborations in New Jersey, the United States, and the world
  • Methods for in-space manufacturing and repair
  • Wearable devices that sense touch and force