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Which Programs Are Appropriate For My Student?

Rising Artist (RA): This student is new or newer to the art form they are interested in. Mostly every concept they learn is new to them or is a refresher. If you are unsure of your child’s level, this is a good choice.

The Everyday Artist (TEA): This student has had some experience in their chosen art form and are comfortable in performing basic to intermediate skills needed. They have taken a number of intro classes or have a few years of experience.

College Prep (CP): This student is well versed in their chosen art form and very comfortable demonstrating their skills and knowledge. They are looking to grow their portfolio, practice or prepare for auditions for college or college level studio work.

Please be advised that, ultimately, every student and their artistic journey is unique and should be seen as such. These designations are to help you should you need guidance.

Registration opens January 2024

Rutgers Digital Filmmaking Intensive *RA, *TEA, *CP

A two-week crash-course boot camp in the world of filmmaking. Students of all skill ranges and experience levels will learn camera techniques, editing, sound recording, lighting, screenwriting and story structure, and get on-set experience in the creation of their own short films. In Week 1, this class focuses on workshopping each of these skills individually through a series of exploratory exercises designed to introduce narrative filmmaking concepts and the various technical roles on a film set. Week 2 takes those lessons into practice by splitting the students into “film crews” that will write, shoot, and edit their own short films. Students will leave class with a completed short piece they can use for college admissions or their own portfolio.

Filmmaking Writing & Directing Courses *CP

New for Summer ’24. More information Forthcoming!