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When you arrive at Voorhees Chapel, please call 848-932-1167 and we will be out to help you.

Lunch from 12:00-1:00PM Every Day

Personal instrument loans will be at the discretion of the Instrument Office Manager.  The priority of the Instrument Office will always be to ensure students registered for Instrumental Technique courses and Secondary lessons are issued instruments.  To ensure this, personal instrument loans will usually become available after the first 4-5 weeks of each semester’s beginning.

Loan Terms: It is the responsibility of each individual loaning equipment from the Rutgers University Music Department to be accountable for borrowed equipment including assets which are removed from Rutgers University premises. By submitting this form, the loanee agrees to accept full responsibility for any instrument and/or equipment during the period for which it is in their custody. If the instrument and/or equipment on loan is not returned by the date assigned per the Music Department Instrument Office, the loanee will be in violation of this agreement. As such, a $5 fine per day over-due will be assessed. If the loanee has lost or damaged the equipment, they must contact the Music Department Instrument Office immediately to make arrangements for repairs and/or replacement. The loanee is fiscally responsible for any necessary repair or replacement cost. If the equipment has been stolen, the loanee must contact the Music Department Instrument Office as well as the Rutgers University Police Department immediately to report the stolen equipment.