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Aresty Presenters

Each spring, the Aresty Research Center hosts a university-wide Undergraduate Research Symposium. A celebration of scholarship and creative activity, the Symposium is a chance for undergraduates to present a paper or poster on their findings to an audience of faculty, peers, and corporate and community partners.

The research presentations at the Symposium range across the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts. This unique event, which is one of the largest undergraduate research celebrations in the country, is a rare opportunity to engage with some of the most exciting research at Rutgers all in one place.

For the second year, the symposium has moved to a virtual space to address the current environment and ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and people who would normally attend this event.

We are proud to present over 200 posters and video presentations conducted by our Aresty students!

Click the title to see the poster presentations.