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The Honors College Showcase is the annual, signature venue for Honors College Scholars to present their work, the culminating academic experience for all Honors College Scholars.

Join us to celebrate Curiosity, Knowledge, and Purpose!

2021 Honors College Presenters

First Name Last Name *Student Participant’s School Presentation Title
Sruti Cheruvu  School of Arts and Sciences Functional Outcomes of Neonatal Bilateral Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) Model
Ashley Crawley  School of Arts and Sciences The Neuroscience of Addiction: Longitudinal Changes in the Responses of the BrainÕs Striatal Regions across Prolonged Drug Use
Kaitlin Decker  School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Enrichment and Characterization of Debrominating Bacteria Associated with Hawaiian Sponges and Corals
Georgia Garrow School of Arts and Sciences Exercise Sensitivity and Physical Activity in Adults with Type II Diabetes
Karen Li  Mason Gross School of the Arts A Proposal for the Meaning of the Mandarin Sentence Final Particle A
Michaela Lozada  Mason Gross School of the Arts Midway
Mugdha Parulekar School of Arts and Sciences Challenges for research on vector-borne diseases in pregnant women
Maya Ravichandran School of Arts and Sciences Prediction of attitudes towards COVID-19 social distancing practices using machine learning
Serena Simpkins Rutgers Business School Arconic Inc.’s Spinoff of its Global Rolled Products Business
Anthony Sochan School of Arts and Sciences The Impact of Fiber Supplementation on Slow-Wave Sleep and Depression in College Students: a Preliminary Approach
Daniel Sumetsky School of Arts and Sciences Investigation of the Relationship Between Apparent and Average Lifetimes of Fluorophore Mixtures Imaged with a FD-FLIM System
Michael Tran School of Arts and Sciences CNN Autoencoders and Latent Space Analysis for LHC Anomaly Detection
Amanda Wells School of Arts and Sciences More than Meat: Liberation and Feminist Vegetarian Politics in The Vegetarian by Han Kang
Sarah Williams Rutgers Business School The Commodification of Art Identities in Contemporary Visual Culture
Chelsea Wong School of Arts and Sciences Does the Earned Income Tax Credit Reduce Crime? Evidence from Changes in State Earned Income Tax Credits