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The School of Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Conference features student presentations of our 2021 Interdisciplinary Honors Theses (IHT) and the Interdisciplinary Research Teams (IRT). IHT presentations include scholarly monographs and substantial written work based on defined thesis questions developed into a sustained argument. The work incorporates extensive original research, supported by evidence and critical reasoning, and demonstrates mastery of a subject field. IRT presentations showcase interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects that expand traditional notions of research through collaborative work.

Interdisciplinary Research Team

Exploring the Mechanics of the Mammalian Skeleton 

Team: Elijah Hanebury (History), Taline Janikian (History & Italian), Kieran Mullins (Cell Biology) & Amarillisz Tymofeev (History) 

Advisor: Kathleen Scott, Cell Biology and Neuroscience

Frescoes and Pharaohs: How the Minoan Peoples Art Influences Ancient Egypt 

Team: Calista Blanchard (Medieval Studies), Joseph Campisano (History & Political Science), Julia Fuchs (History & Anthropology), & Rhea Swain (Art History & Political Science)

Advisor: Thomas Figuera, Classics

Music on the Mind 

Team: Erin Corbo (Computer Science & Sociology) & Zhonghao Qiao (Computer Science) 

Advisor: Lars Sorensen, Computer Science

Building the STAT Curriculum: Promoting More Civic Engagement and Social Change through SEL Skills 

Team: Saidy Cedano (Public Policy), Simon Daniel (Psychology & Cognitive Science), Julia Sanowska (Psychology & Political Science), & Jonathan Varghese (Psychology & Cognitive Science)

Advisor: Maurice Elias, Psychology

Improving Educational Equity for Chronically Absent Students Through Mentoring

Team: Younass Barkouch (Public Health & Biology), Mohammed Hussain (Biomedical Engineering), Salman Rizvi (Math & Philosophy), & Emma Steinbuchel (Sociology)

Advisor: Anna Harewood, Learning Specialist, Academic Services for Student-Athletes