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Getting Started

During these uncertain times, many in-person presentations or poster sessions at Rutgers have been cancelled or rescheduled.  The New Brunswick Provost’s Office and New Brunswick Libraries are partnering with schools and programs to offer students the opportunity to showcase their work with an Online Senior Exhibition.

To facilitate this experience, we will be collecting digital materials such as posters, photos, abstracts, short videos, and other materials to create a customized online page for the students.  Students can also add the page’s link to their e-portfolios or LinkedIn pages for future reference.

In addition, a synchronous event can be set up for the program directors and administrators to deliver their remarks.  The event will be attended virtually by the students, and their families and friends.

This site is the foundation for the effort.  We plan on showcasing student work on this site, and use this as a launching point for registration for our synchronous virtual symposia.