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Title: Addressing Issues in the American Healthcare System through Film

Name: Angela, Cervera

Major: Health Administration

School affiliation: School of Arts and Sciences, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

Programs: Aresty – RA Program

Other contributors: Michael McDonough, Windia Cassy, Manasa Dornala, Ayah Elkashif, Srinithi Vasudevan

Abstract: In the healthcare industry, there are many cases of mistreatment due to the inequalities and disparities within patient care. We have chosen to use media to show an example of how the differing motives of health care professionals can possibly alter care because of greedy hospital administrators and patient centered nurses and doctors have clashing opinions sometimes. Our team conducted research by analyzing various articles and reports to find which issues were most prevalent and chose to focus on coronary heart disease in women. Then we wrote a script alongside our advisor addressing the dilemma of who gets treatment when a high-profile hospital administrator and lower-class woman with no insurance are struck with the same illness. The script will produce a 5-10 min short film that we also star in. The end goal of the film is to educate and build awareness on some of the issues within the American healthcare system.