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Title: The Coregulatory Function of Hnf4 and Esrra in Metabolism

Name: Abigail Dupre

Major: Genetics

School affiliation: School of Arts and Sciences

Programs: Division of Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (DLS-SURF)

Other contributors: Abigail Dupre, Lei Chen, Roshan Vasoya, Raj Malhorta, Micheal P. Verzi

Abstract: Hnf4 and Esrra are both known to play a role in regulating metabolism. Here I show evidence of a partnership between these two proteins. Hnf4 and Esrra both have a function in fat storage. Furthermore, this is shown through the common regulation of fat metabolism genes. Hnf4 and Esrra ChIP seq data in the liver also shows that both genes bind sites related to lipid metabolism.