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The Shed

The Shed is located in the old Camp Kilmer warehouses on Livingston Campus. Inside you’ll find our extensive supply of gear, a rock climbing wall, along with tons of trip mementos and other cool stuff on the walls.


Google Maps: The Shed is here. With that link Google Maps should know what’s up and get you there. The Street View is a bit off at the pin’s location, so just pay attention to the directions and location of the pin.

Via campus bus: The closest stop is the Quads bus stop on Livingston Campus (unless you’re on the REXL, then you will get off at the student center). It’s a short, <5 minute walk from there, so don’t be afraid! Once you get off the bus you’ll walk straight down Road 3 in the direction the bus was heading. The road will look like it’s going to nowhere for a bit and bend to the left, then you’ll see the warehouses. You’ll see a door open and our freshly painted logo painted on the wall in front of it, and likely other people walking the same way.

There are also plenty of people willing to give you a ride to our meetings, so feel free to ask around! You can definitely find a ride back to anywhere around campus after the meetings too.


A picture from the emails/Facebook posts: