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Denis Paré

Principal Investigator

Dr. Denis Paré, Distinguished Professor, Director, Center for Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience

Drew B. Headley

Research Associate

Systems neurophysiology of oscillations and coding, Incoming (2023) Assistant Professor @ CMBN

Mohammad M. Herzallah

Research Associate

Regulation of the amygdala by the midline thalamus Founder and director, Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative at Al-Quds University in Palestine

Alon Amir

Postdoctoral Researcher

Basolateral amygdala and midline thalamus coding in naturalistic behavior

Nowrin Ahmed (Nishe)

Doctoral Candidate

Research project: Optogenetic study of central medial and paraventricular thalamic projections to the basolateral amygdala

Luisa Fernanda Gomez-Alatorre

Doctoral Candidate

Research project: Origin, propagation, and coding properties of insular beta oscillations

Ian T. Kim

Doctoral Candidate

Research project: Collateralization patterns delineate distinct functional groups of principal basolateral amygdala neurons