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Danielle Beltran, Ed.M. | she/her | Student Counselor          Partnerships & Engagement           110 Warren Street, Room 131 Newark, New Jersey 07102   Telephone: 973-353-5691            Fax: 973-353-5700

Danielle Beltran, Ed.M serves as the Student counselor for the Partnerships and Engagement department of the Academic Foundations Center at Rutgers University- Newark. Danielle holds a Masters degree in Education with a focus in Culture & Society from Rutgers University-New Brunswick , a Masters of Public Administration from Rutgers University-Newark and holds a Bachelors of Science in Business from Montclair State University. Prior to joining AFC, Danielle served as Program Coordinator for The Rutgers Business School-Newark.Danielle has over seven years of experience in student programming, advising, mentoring and leading operations tailored to provide support and students. Danielle’s experience has predominately been in higher education as it is a passion of hers to work with students and in the educational forum. She is especially excited to be at the Academic Foundations Center where she can continue to work with students and assist them as much as possible in the various areas that she is needed.