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Poster for May 2019 Keynote Lecture at Universidad de San Marcos, Peru, the oldest continuously open university in the Western Hemisphere. The topic, The Next Global Crisis, was prescient (although I did not predict the pandemic).

Slides associated with specific papers are found in the Research section.

  • Should Central Banks Have an Equality Mandate? Video of a Public Lecture at the London School of Economics, October 31 2023. Sponsored by the Center for Macroeconomics and the School of Public Policy of LSE.
  • La Próxima Crisis Global (in Spanish). A keynote lecture delivered in May 2019 at Universidad San Marcos, Perú. Needless to say, I did not predict the Covid-19 crisis, but did emphasize that crisis prediction is a virtually hopeless endeavor, and that that fact has important implications for thinking about policy.
  • On Foreign Exchange Intervention July 2017. Another keynote lecture, surveying the state of the art on foreign exchange intervention, and arguing how we can make progress.
  • What Should be the Central Bank’s Objectives? A talk delivered at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis in December 2016, emphasizing what state of the art models say and do not say about central bank objectives
  • Reflexiones Sobre Crecimiento en Peru (in Spanish). Discusses a paper on growth by F. Caselli, and then expands on growth determinants and prospects in Peru. It is somewhat dated (October 2012) but I think it turned out to be quite on the mark.