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Introductory Remarks

4:00-4:05 pm


Session 1: Sancho’s World

4:05-5:05 pm
Music-making with Sancho’s Daughters
Julia Hamilton


Dancing in the Era of Ignatius Sancho
Caroline Copeland


Visualizing Sancho’s Correspondence
Francesca Giannetti & Catherine Naeve


Oroonoko in Performance: Interpolations, Distortions and Connections
Christopher Cartmill


Session 2: Teaching with Sancho

5:15-6:15 pm
Making Ignatius Sancho’s Music Accessible for a Different Audience
Brandon Williams


French Amnesia and the Importance of Teaching Sancho
Jennifer Tamas


Ignatius Sancho and DEI in the Music-Theory Classroom
Martha Sullivan


Session 3: Sancho’s Legacy

6:25-7:25 pm
Antiracism in the Music of Ignatius Sancho
Rebecca Cypess


‘I will not forget your Letter’: The Antislavery Legacy of the Sancho-Sterne Correspondence in the Periodical Press
Alex Solomon 


The Black Presence in Shakespeare: Considering Sancho’s Legacy
Cameron Knight



Concluding Remarks

7:25-7:30 pm