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In order to make the most out of your advising sessions click on the class year below to learn more about each year of your Nursing program.


Freshman Year

Your first year in Nursing school focuses on acclimating to the college experience. You'll take required prerequisites like Anatomy & Physiology while also working on your general education requirements. Learn More

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year focuses on your science prerequisites and beginning your Nursing courses. You'll be introduced to the "Nursing style question" and start to transition toward more of your major requirements. Learn More

Junior Year

Junior year is your introduction to the field of Nursing. You begin to fully immerse yourself into hands-on learning with your first clinical and simulation lab experiences. Learn More

Senior Year

You're almost there! Senior year continues with full-on clinical exposure and begins your preparations for the NCLEX exam. While you wrap up your time at Rutgers you will start to focus on what comes next after graduation. Learn More