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The Mathematics Colloquium at Rutgers-Newark


The Colloquium of the Mathematics Department of Rutgers-Newark takes places on every second or third Wednesday, from 4 pm-5 pm, in 204 Smith Hall, 101 Warren St., Rutgers-Newark. All are welcome.

On alternate Wednesdays, the student colloquium features talks which are aimed in particular to be accessible to graduate students. Again, all are welcome.




Date Colloquium Speaker
Sep 5
Sep 19
Sep 26
Andre Neves
(Univ. of Chicago/IAS)
Abundance of minimal surfaces
Oct 3 Christopher Woodward
(Rutgers, New Brunswick)
Hunting Lagrangians
Oct 10 Eriko Hironaka
(Florida State Univ./AMS)
Deformation space of rational maps
Oct 17 Qingyuan Jiang
Categorical duality between joins and intersections
Oct 24
Oct31 Harold Blum
(Univ. of Utah)
Moduli of uniformly K-stable Fano varieties
Nov 7 Hongbin Sun
(Rutgers, New Brunswick)
Subgroup separability of 3-manifold groups
Nov 12
Jean-Pierre Labesse
(Marseille, France)
Restriction and induction of automorphic representations
Nov 21 Thanksgiving
Nov 28 Guangbo Xu
Mirror symmetry and gauge linear sigma model
Dec 5 Xinwen Zhu
(Cal Tech/Princeton)
Hilbert’s twenty-first problem for p-adic varieties
Dec 12
Jan 23 Ivan Contreras
(UIUC, Urbana-Champain)
Geometry and topology of 2-dimensional field theories
Jan 24 Eyal Subag
(Penn State Univ.)
Symmetries of hydrogen atoms and algebraic families
Jan 28 Brian Collier
(Univ. of Maryland)
Higher Teichm\”uller spaces and Higgs bundles
Jan 29 Christopher Elliot
(IHES, France)
Twisted  classical and quantum field theory
Jan 30 Bin Guo
Monge-Amp\’ere equations and geometric application
Jan 31 Luis Garcia
(Univ. of Toronto, Canada)
Transgression of Euler class and arithmetic applications
Feb 5 Teng Fei
The Hull-Strominger system over Rieamann surfaces
Feb 6 Emily Stark
(Technion, Israel)
The geometry of hyperbolic group
Feb 13
Feb 20
Feb 27
Mar 6 Cancelled
Mar 13 Lan-Hsuan Huang
(Univ. of Connecticut/IAS)
Spacetime positive mass theorem
Mar 20 Spring Recess
Mar 27 Dawei Chen
(Boston College/IAS)
Volumes and intersection theory on moduli spaces of Abelian
Apr 9
(Special Tuesday)
Laura Schaposnik
Higgs bundle, branes and applications
Apr 10 Damin Wu
(U. Conn/IAS)
Invariant metrics and the Green-Wu conjectures
Apr 17 Jingrui Cheng
(Stony Brook University, NY)
Apriori estimates for scalar curvature type equations on compact
Kahler manifolds
Apr 22
(Special Monday)
Michael Groechenig
(Univ. of Toronto)
P-adic integration for Hitchin system and the Fundamental Lemma
Apr 24 Lu Wang
(Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison/IAS)
Mean curvature flow of low entropy
May 1 Cancelled
May 6
(Speical Monday)
Chao Li
(Columbia Univ.)
From quadratic forms to arithmetic intersection numbers