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Dr. Nathan C. Walker is an undergraduate instructor and curriculum developer for the following courses in Rutgers Honors College and the Department of Philosophy and Religion in the College of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers-Camden.

AI Ethics & Law is an honors seminar that examines the multinational, national, and corporate regulatory systems that seek to govern the artificial intelligence movement.

Happiness explores evidence-based approaches to human flourishing and well-being.

Religion & Culture, a course built in partnership with CBS News, examines contemporary expressions of religion and spirituality in American society in five sectors: arts, education, families, media, and the environment.

Religion & Health explores American religious communities’ response to the pandemic and the impact of religion and health in American public schools and hospitals.

Religion & Human Rights examines the origins, developments, effects, and critiques of four international legal frameworks: freedom of, for, from, and within religion.

Religion & Law explores the history of religious liberty in the five eras: Colonizing America, Constituting America, Reconstructing America, Incorporating America, and Diversifying America.

Truth, Justice, & Reconciliation explores restorative justice models worldwide that were formed in response to political unrest, racial segregation, war, and genocide.