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Brandon Kubinak / The Suicide of a Suicide Note  
                                                                                                                                                    Amisha Mukhopadhyay / The Last Straw
Lanai McAuley / The Smoke Seen From Yankee Stadium
L Dudas /  Timaeus and the White Oak
Serina / 18 Silas Road


Elijah Rappaport / The Illusion Of Depth Is A God Almighty Bitch
Emma McMillan /  The Sphinx
Anna Santy / Charlie Boy 


Amy Entin / The Man in the Chair


Krithika Patrachari / Jeans
Elliot Kraft /  The Forest


Kaviyasri Rajan / Dunes


Joe Amster / Text from a Friend


Hannah Orr / The Crop Thief


Sheethal Ayalasomayajula / Edna


Julia Hansen / The Letter


Angelica Petersen / Fireworks


Alex Stone / Asleep


Arthur Silva / Clouded