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Sample Media Coverage


The paper “CAN: Creative Adversarial Networks, Generating “Art” by Learning About Styles and Deviating from Style Norms” has received worldwide media attention. Here are few prominent news posts about it:

  • CBS Sunday Morning News, July 29th 2018 featuring CAN art.
  • Jonathan Bastable “Is artificial intelligence set to become art’s next medium?” Christie Magazine, August 2018
  • Rene Chun “It’s Getting Hard to Tell If a Painting Was Made by a Computer or a Human” Artsy, September 21st, 2017.
  • Michael Andor Brodeur “Can art be created by algorithms?” The Boston Globe, August 4th, 2017.
  • Chris Baraniuk “Artificially intelligent painters invent new styles of art” New Scientist, June 2017
  • “Machine Creativity Beats Some Modern Art” MIT Technology Review, June 2017.
  • Claire Voon “Humans Prefer Computer-Generated Paintings to Those at Art Basel” Hyperallergic, July 31, 2017.
  • Cheyenne MacDonald “The AI artist that can create its own painting style (and critics even PREFER some of its work to human efforts)” The Daily Mail, June 29th
  • Mark Wilson “What’s The Next Great Art Movement? Ask This Neural Network: Ahmed Elgammal is creating AI that thinks like an artist.” Fast Company, July 5th


The paper “Quantifying Creativity in Art Networks” has received worldwide media attention. Here are few prominent news posts about it:


The post “Which paintings were the most creative of their time? An algorithm may hold the answers”, published in the Conversation on July 2015, has been reposted in the following media outlets:



The paper “Large-scale Classification of Fine-Art Paintings: Learning The Right Metric on The Right Feature” has received some media attention. Most prominent posts:


The paper “Toward Automated Discovery of Artistic Influence” has received extensive media coverage. Here are prominent posts about it: