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Mark Keller

Mark Keller (photo from the Mark Keller Papers)

Mark Keller (1907-1995) began his career with the Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol as an editorial assistant and would later become its editor as well as that of its successor, the Journal of Studies on Alcohol. Additionally, he published numerous journal articles, books and chapters on a variety of topics related to alcohol and literature documentation.  He was instrumental in developing the library at the Center of Alcohol Studies.  In 1977, he was named editor emeritus of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and professor emeritus of Rutgers University.

In addition to his work on the Journal, Keller was also instrumental in advancing the scientific aspects of Alcohol Studies. He laid the framework for the development of the Alcohol Studies Library by establishing the Classified Abstract Archive of the Alcohol Literature (CAAAL), the first and most extensive alcohol-themed collection at the time of its inception. Its manual offered the very first taxonomy and classification in the field.

Keller edited the International Bibliography of Studies on Alcohol and many other special publications and monographs as well as a pioneering dictionary on words related to alcohol. He also lectured and taught extensively all over the world.

He donated his papers to the Center of Alcohol Studies. The Mark Keller Papers contain early and mid-20th century correspondence between Keller and members of the alcohol studies community regarding seminars, conferences, committee meetings and travel notes. Files contain notes on Keller’s views on disease concept, research, relationship between alcohol and religion and alcohol and various aspects of society.  The collection is also a treasure trove of information about the Keller’s involvement with the National Institute of Health, the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and his reports to the Congress and President.