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About this Blog

The Alcohol Studies Archives is the online version of the Special Collections and Archives that used to be housed at the Alcohol Library maintained by  the Information Services Division at the Center of Alcohol and Substance Use Studies. It was closed in December 2016. These pages, including the blog, attempt to save as much content … Read More

The Monkey in the Library: E. M. Jellinek’s Bookplate

Discovered accidentally among a stack of unrelated documents in the Mark Keller Collection at the Center of Alcohol Studies Archives in 2012, the yellowing image symbolizes the big EMJ-mystery, referring to the adventurous life of E. M. Jellinek, one of the founders of alcohol science. An unorthodox 4×5-inch ex libris marked with the initials E.M.J. … Read More

Bunky’s Doodle Fading Only on Paper

With time passing, the ink is now barely legible on the original Bunky’s Doodle. Luckily, the CAS Library managed to digitize its cherished treasure in 2011, saving an electronic copy for prosperity and future research. The famous Bunky’s Doodle, or the Progression Phases of Alcoholism by Dr. E. M. Jellinek, pictured here, was presented to … Read More

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