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About this Blog

The Alcohol Studies Archives is the online version of the Special Collections and Archives that used to be housed at the Alcohol Library maintained by  the Information Services Division at the Center of Alcohol and Substance Use Studies. It was closed in December 2016.

Window display of artifacts

Display of the five pillars of Alcohol Studies in the Conference Room at the Center of Alcohol and Substance Use Studies (by Judit H. Ward and William Bejarano, 2013)

These pages, including the blog, attempt to save as much content as possible, aiming to provide pointers and links to researchers interested in the collection, currently located in the Annex of Rutgers University Libraries.

Paying tribute to the founders of Alcohol Studies cannot be completed at a better place than Rutgers. For example, Mark Keller, one of the original CAS founders at Yale University, moved with the Center to Rutgers University in 1962 and helped develop the original Alcohol Studies Library, the first of its kind. His legacy also includes research, notes, and correspondence with members of the alcohol studies community.

The CAS Information Services Newsletter (2007- 2016) regularly showcased memorable parts of the Archives as print documents and images were discovered, explored, digitized, and shared. Thematic blocks and issues were also published, such as Special Issue #3, commemorating E. M. Jellinek. The Information Services Division also hosted the 36th Annual Conference of the Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialist with a theme Looking Forward, Looking Back: Reflections on the Past and Planning for the Future. The conference presentations were also published in the inaugural issue of the SALIS Journal, and its content on E. M. Jellinek is cited in the Jellinek Wikipedia entry.

The posts on this site rely heavily on the reflections of staff working on the CAS digital collection, crediting the original author and place of publication.

Window display of artifacts
Click image to download pdf of the Jellinek Special Issue of the newsletter.