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Judging a Book by its Cover

Is it scholarly? Librarians often receive this question from students trying to orient themselves while navigating the maze of articles from scholarly and popular publications they need to cite when their paper is due. It’s a valid question, since it’s sometimes difficult for the novice to decide from a text alone, especially in an unfamiliar … Read More

Month Two: Progress, not Perfection

There’s nothing more inspirational than the first few tangible results of a project. In this case, they are visible rather than tangible, it’s a digital archive after all. It reminds me that, in physical archives, I’d like to think users minimize touching precious items as much as I have so far with this collection: once … Read More

Digital Projects: One Day at a Time

The cliché about eating an elephant one bite at a time is probably older than large digital projects, nevertheless, it applies to them too. For the Digital Alcohol Archives, I’d rather pick the simple but effective quote in the title, One Day at a Time, part of twelve-steps programs and inspirational texts. By now, six … Read More

Baby Steps: The First Month

The first month of the project flew by incredibly fast – while moving forward with baby steps. Exactly how it should happen in the initial phase, when planning and experimenting should still be more important than ramping up production. I successfully reacquainted myself with the various formats of the Alcohol Archives: print resources in my … Read More

Where is that Start Line?

After two weeks of reading previous project documentation and unofficial notes, the initial period of reviewing what we have done is officially over. Were there any surprises other than the moments of satisfaction that we had done everything we could in the past? I wouldn’t say it was a surprise but the breadth and depth … Read More