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Scattered Resources Coming Together

A Quick Update on the Digital Alcohol Studies Archives It’s exciting but also a bit intimidating to admit that I have been following in the footsteps of all the people who collected and preserved content related to alcohol research since 1939, when the first major grant from the Carnegie Corporation was awarded to document, index, … Read More

Famous CAS Library Card Catalog Found New Home

After the collection was moved out of the Adele and Brinkley Smithers Building in January 2017, the various parts are now housed in different locations. Current imprints, i.e., about 1,500 books published in the past ten years were relocated to the Library of Science and Medicine. Titles published earlier than that, including the Rare Book … Read More

Bunky @125 Follow-up

The Information Services Division published a special issue of its newsletter to commemorate the 125th anniversary of E. M. Jellinek’s birth. The Jellinek research also resulted in the following scholarly publications: Babor, T. F., & Ward, J. H. (2016). E. M. Jellinek at 125: The past as prologue? Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, … Read More

From the Archives: Haywood’s Present

Only in the 19th century did the word “addicted” acquire the medical specificity it has today. Before this strong sense of chemical dependence it referred to any strong inclination, usually frowned upon – eighteenth-century Britons are described as “addicted” to judgmental gossip (in Samuel Richardson’s 1748 novel Clarissa), to swearing (in a 1759 open letter … Read More