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Jellinek on the Big Book

Since its first edition in 1939, the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous known as the “Big Book” has helped millions of men and women recover from alcoholism. It happened to be published in the exact same year E. M. Jellinek and crew would begin their literature review in earnest. Jellinek’s first reflections were published in … Read More

A First Edition of the AA “Big Book”

In the summer of 2013, we at the Center of Alcohol Studies Library took it upon ourselves to transform the conference room into an historical exhibit, displaying affiliated publications, classic photos, CAS-specific artifacts, and a complete run of our scholarly journal. While rummaging through the then-recently unlocked bookshelves seeking items to display, we came across … Read More

Bunky @125

The Information Services Division is delighted to share a special issue of its newsletter to commemorate the 125th anniversary of E. M. Jellinek’s birth. Table of Contents Who remembers Jellinek? – We do!  Read our thoughts on Jellinek’s significance in the 21st century Career highlights – The list of Jellinek’s most important achievements in one page … Read More

Bunky’s Pantheon

The study of alcoholism does not just reward but practically demands an interdisciplinary approach, a capacity to navigate and synthesize medical science, psychology, sociology, and more. In this way we might say it takes after its father: E. M. Jellinek, a polyglot and polymath who delighted in jumping between registers of meaning––a fascination apparent in … Read More

The “Bunky”

The Bunky head. The small, bronze, possibly birthday hat wearing bust you may have noticed as you entered the Center of Alcohol Studies Library. Whose face deserved its very own sculpture? What is the history of this piece? And how did it come to rest at CAS? I first learned about the “Bunky” head in … Read More