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The Lay Supplements from the Yale CAS

In addition to publishing his scholarly articles in the first Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol, Jellinek’s ability to relate to broad audiences is demonstrated by launching a series of popular titles on alcohol-related topics entitled Lay Supplements.  Based on the information found in Lay Supplement No. 1, the original plan was to publish standalone … Read More

To the Jellinek Mystery: Keller – Thelma (Part 1)

Correspondence between Mark Keller and Thelma Pierce Anderson (1963-1990) Following up on the new discoveries in Mark Keller’s papers from the previous issue of the CAS Library Newsletter, several typed letters resurfaced written by Thelma Pierce Anderson, also known as Thelma Jellinek. The CAS Library is still processing these letters, and has not given up … Read More

To Your Health

The CAS Library recently became aware of a cartoon film that E. M. Jellinek was involved with during his time at the World Health Organization. Buried in the last paragraph of his June 1964 American Journal of Psychiatry obituary is a reference to a film called “To Your Health.” We tracked down a copy on … Read More

The five pillars of the Yale Center of Alcohol Studies

Mission Statement from Yale CAS The original 32×25-inch poster, calligraphed in a delicate hand (date unknown) lists the five divisions of the Yale Center of Alcohol Studies as research, publication, education, therapy, and special services. The multidisciplinary fields of research include physiological, psychological, cultural, legal, educational, economic, and medical aspects of alcohol. However, reading further … Read More