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Conference Room Exhibit

In 2013, a permanent exhibit was set up by the CAS Library staff in Conference Room 200 in Smithers Hall. The exhibit in the five display cabinets aims to demonstrate the five original missions of the Center: research, publication, education, therapy, and special services in five display cabinets, top and bottom each. All objects are from the collection of the Center of Alcohol Studies Archives or from the Summer School of Alcohol Studies, integrated into a full exhibit to tell the history of the Center to the many students who attend various classes and professional development sessions in this room or to serve as a reminder and great conversation starter for participants at any event, meeting, and conference held on site or broadcasted online from this location.

conference room

Some of the items on display are available in the Digital Alcohol Studies Archives in RUcore, the Rutgers University Community Repository. See below a selection of the CAS conference room display cabinets or browse the CAS Archives Image Collection.

The first cabinet commemorates the Journal in its various iterations (Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol, Journal of Studies on Alcohol, and Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs) with a full run bound in blue and displaying its various covers over time.

volumes of bound journals

The bottom of the second display cabinet highlights the efforts in publishing, organizing, and disseminating alcohol literature since 1939 at the Center, including the Classified Abstract Archives of Alcohol Literature, the Raymond G. McCarthy Memorial Collection, Alcohol Bibliographies, Lay Supplements and Popular Pamphlet series and discussion and instructor guides.

Display of publications

The top of the center cabinets proudly displays the Five Pillars of Alcohol Studies poster, while the bottom shows images of Leon Greenberg’s Alcometer at work along with his Alco-Calculator slide ruler to measure blood alcohol content. Devices and gadgets saved from the original Yale labs serve as reminders of the early phases of alcohol research.

Research-related object on display

The top of the center cabinet features the original 32×25-inch poster, calligraphed in a delicate hand (date unknown) lists the five divisions of the Yale Center of Alcohol Studies as research, publication, education, therapy, and special services.

poster on display

The top section of the fourth cabinet is dedicated to E. M. Jellinek displaying Bunkyana. The lower section focuses on books published at the Yale and Rutgers Centers of Alcohol Studies to further education related to alcohol studies, such as books, bibliographies, posters, and even old-fashioned glass slides related to the Yale Plan Clinic, the Summer School of Alcohol Studies.

Books in display cabinet

While the fifth display cabinet focuses on more materials used for education and training displaying copies of popular book and pamphlet series, the top half features an unusual exhibit: a selection of t-shirts from previous Summer Schools of Alcohol Studies, provided for participants each year, now collector’s items each.

t-shirts on display

Just in: a few more boxes have been discovered at CAS with more t-shirts and other collectors items! Can’t wait to take a look at the new finds. Stay tuned!