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Alexandra Chang

Associate Professor of Practice

Alexandra Chang is Associate Professor of Practice with the Art History program at the Department of Arts, Culture and Media and Interim Associate Director of the Clement A. Price Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience and Associate Director of the American Studies Program at Rutgers University-Newark. She also organizes the EcoArt Salon at Paul

Mi Hyun Yoon

PhD candidate in American Studies

Mi Hyun Yoon is a PhD candidate in American Studies at Rutgers University-Newark. Her research looks at the history of the Korean diaspora in the United States through the transnational context of Asian America and Korea. She is a staff member of the Queer Newark Oral History Project and a volunteer for A/P/A Voices: A

Kornel Chang

Associate Professor

Kornel Chang is Associate Professor of History and American Studies at Rutgers University-Newark. His research and teaching interests include Asian American history, the United States in the Pacific world, and race, migration, and labor in the Americas. His current book project, tentatively titled Occupying Knowledge: Expertise, Technocracy, and De-Colonization in the U.S. Occupation of Korea, examines the