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Multimode photon blockade paper published in Nature Physics

Our paper on multimode photon blockade with Kevin He, David Schuster, Liang Jiang, Wenlong Ma, and other members of the Schuster group is out in Nature Physics!  We use photon blockade to implement higher-order interactions between photons stored in modes of a multimode cavity.  In a single mode, we use the blockade to engineer a … Read More

Quantum flute paper published in PRL!

In this paper, we demonstrate a general technique for building superconducting cavities without loss from joints and seams, achieving coherences determined only by intrinsic material properties. The technique, dubbed the flute method is made by drilling overlapping holes into a monolithic block of superconductors. We use the location and depth of the holes to adjust … Read More

Chakram lab added to the SQMS DOE quantum center at Fermilab!

Our group has been added to the Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems (SQMS) Center hosted by Fermilab. A Fermilab press release about our addition to the center can be found here. We look forward to leveraging the extraordinary coherence of superconducting accelerator cavities to build improved quantum computers. The SQMS Center was established in September 2020 as … Read More