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Speakers: Marzieh Heidari & Yang Zhang (Rutgers- Newark)

Date: 5 Nov 2020

Marzieh Heidari

Graduate Student, Galoppini Group

Title: Self-Assembled Monolayers and their Influence on the Properties of Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices

Abstract: In the field of organic optoelectronics, the most important and critical issues are device efficiency and device stability. Introduction of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) as interfacial layers between metal electrodes and organic semiconductors have been investigated for enhancing the performance and stability of organic field-effect transistors (OFETs). Multiple binding sites could provide additional stability and influence the SAM structure, for instance binding angle and therefore chain packing. Synthetic modifications or variations of the SAM layer remain little investigated to date. Furthermore, while the introduction of a SAM is relatively straightforward step in the fabrication of an organic (opto)electronic device, it is debatable as to whether the thermal and operational stability of the device with a SAM can be compared with that of interfacial layers made from metal oxides or 2D-materials (e.g., MoO3, ZnO, graphene, etc.).


Yang Zhang

Graduate Student, Galoppini Group

Title: Synthesis of fluorine-functionalized ZnTPP derivatives: Novel molecular tiles for covalently bonded 2D organic materials

Abstract: H-F elimination will be explored as a novel route toward on-surface synthesis. We will synthesize partially fluorinated molecules to take advantage of C-F•••H-C hydrogen bond formation between neighboring molecules.  HF elimination could be an effective method for creating inter-molecular C-C bonds while maintaining the symmetry and long-range order of the initial molecular assembly.