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Speaker: Rohin Biswas (Rutgers- New Brunswick)

Date: 10 Dec 2020 Graduate Student Title: Water-Soluble Fullerene Derivatives for Biological Applications Abstract: The discovery of fullerene by Kroto and Smalley in 1985 has led to decades of research on using fullerene as a template for various applications, from energy to biomedical applications. Also, from a structural standpoint, the unique spherical-shaped structure consisting of … Read More

Speaker: Katherine Lloyd (Rutgers- Newark)

Date: 19 Nov 2020 Title: Helical peptides design for molecular dipoles functionalization of wide band gap oxides Abstract: In the renewable energy field for semiconductors, energy alignment between the frontier orbitals of an organic chromophore and the band edges of a wide band gap metal oxide substrate is a key factor influencing charge transfer efficiencies … Read More

Speaker: Ashley Bernstein (Rutgers- New Brunswick)

Date: 12 Nov 2020 Title: ssNMR as a Tool to Examine Lipid Bilayers PhD Candidate, Nieuwkoop Group Lipid bilayers are the surface at which many important processes, such as protein binding and ion diffusion occur, and yet they are not well understood. Solid-state NMR (ssNMR) is a powerful and flexible technique that is well-equipped to … Read More

Speaker: Heather Ciallella (Rutgers- Camden)

Date: 29 Oct 2020 Graduate Student, Zhu Group Title: Predictive Modeling of the ERα/ERβ Adverse Outcome Pathway Abstract: As defined by the World Health Organization, an endocrine disruptor is an exogenous substance or mixture that alters function(s) of the endocrine system and consequently causes adverse health effects in an intact organism, its progeny, or (sub)populations. … Read More

Speakers: Marzieh Heidari & Yang Zhang (Rutgers- Newark)

Date: 5 Nov 2020 Marzieh Heidari Graduate Student, Galoppini Group Title: Self-Assembled Monolayers and their Influence on the Properties of Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices Abstract: In the field of organic optoelectronics, the most important and critical issues are device efficiency and device stability. Introduction of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) as interfacial layers between metal electrodes and … Read More

Speaker: James McQuade (Rutgers- Newark)

Date: 15 Oct 2020 Title: “Polymer-supported Lewis acid catalysts” PhD Candidate, Jaekle Group In recent years, catalysts derived from Main Group elements have enabled metal-free processes for a wide range of organic transformations. Frustrated Lewis Pairs (FLPs) are a particularly promising approach which uses bulky Lewis acidic and basic species whose steric crowding prevents the … Read More

Fall 2020 Seminar Schedule

All meetings will take place Thursdays at 2:00pm on Zoom. To attend, visit the Zoom registration link here. (All seminars are password-protected so registration is required)   If you are interested in giving a Spring 2021 talk, visit our link for details and how to sign-up: Seminar Speaker Interest Email Robert Young for questions/comments/concerns. Date Speaker … Read More