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Fall 2020 Seminar Schedule

All meetings will take place Thursdays at 2:00pm on Zoom.

To attend, visit the Zoom registration link here. (All seminars are password-protected so registration is required)


If you are interested in giving a Spring 2021 talk, visit our link for details and how to sign-up: Seminar Speaker Interest

Email Robert Young for questions/comments/concerns.

10/1/2020 Stacy Love, Rutgers University-Camden Morphological & Thermal Aspects of Cellulose and Silk Biocomposites: A strategy to design intrinsic bionics for medical purposes (Register to Attend Here)
10/8/2020 No speaker —–
10/15/2020 James McQuade, Rutgers University-Newark Polymer-supported Lewis acid catalysts (Register to Attend Here)
10/22/2020 No speaker —–
10/29/2020 Heather Ciallella, Rutgers University-Camden Predictive Modeling of the ERα/ERβ Adverse Outcome Pathway (Register to Attend Here)
11/5/2020 Marzieh Heidari & Yang Zhang, Rutgers University- Newark Self-Assembled Monolayers and their Influence on the Properties of Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices


Synthesis of fluorine-functionalized ZnTPP derivatives: Novel molecular tiles for covalently bonded 2D organic materials

(Register to Attend Here)

11/12/2020 Ashley Bernstein, Rutgers University-New Brunswick ssNMR as a Tool to Examine Lipid Bilayers (Register to Attend Here)
11/19/2020 Katherine Lloyd, Rutgers University-Newark Helical peptides design for molecular dipoles functionalization of wide band gap oxides (Register to Attend Here)
11/26/2020 No speaker —–
12/3/2020 POSTPONED
12/10/2020 Rohin Biswas, Rutgers University- New Brunswick Water-soluble fullerene derivatives for biological applications (Register to Attend Here)