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Cheong Xin Chan (PI) and Debashish Bhattacharya (Partner Investigator) receive a grant from the Australian Research Council to study coral algal symbionts

Genomics and evolution of symbiont transmission in coral reefs (2019–2022) Abstract: Reef-building corals are sustained by symbiosis between the coral and the alga Symbiodinium. Corals acquire specific Symbiodinium via inheritance and/or from the environment. Breakdown of symbiosis under environmental stress leads to coral bleaching and death. This Project aims to understand how genomes of differently … Read More

Read the interim report on interventions to increase the resilience of coral reefs NAS interim report  

Coralbase group publishes paper on Montipora capitata genome.

Shumaker_Putnam_etal_SciRep_2019 Shumaker A, Putnam HM, Qiu H, Price DC, Zelzion E, Harel A, Wagner NE, Gates R, Yoon HS, Bhattacharya D. 2019. Genome analysis of the rice coral Montipora capitata. Scientific Reports [accepted].

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