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Talia Barry, Ph.D.              TBA

Leah Scott, M.S.              Oyster disease ecology

Emma Huntzinger, B.S.              GH Cook Senior Thesis: Oyster recruitment to a novel cement


Elizabeth Bouchard, M.S. (2023)Horseshoe crab egg distributions in relation to intertidal oyster aquaculture

Nina Coli, RIOS Intern (2023)Oyster microbiome dynamics

Heidi Yeh, Ph.D. (2023)Oyster microbiome dynamics

Catherine Carrion, RIOS Intern (2022)Beach Characteristics, Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus) Eggs, & Oyster Farms

Simon L’Heveder, RIOS Intern (2022)Sediment Composition and Infauna

Grace Jackson, RIOS Intern (2021)Creating fevers in oysters to control dermo disease

Rachel Eggleston, RIOS Intern (2019)Long-term shifts in timing of oyster reproduction in Delaware Bay

Casey Jones, RIOS Intern (2018)Sea level rise impacts on horseshoe crabs and red knots

Amanda Wenczel, Ph.D. (2018)Filter feeder impacts in estuarine ecosystems

Mike DiLorenzo, B.S. (2017)Summer Intern – shellfish hatchery phytoplankton cultivation

Bree Cerione, B.S. (2016)Summer Intern – Living shoreline nekton use and oyster monitoring

Jenny Paterno, M.S. (2015)Assessment of fish utilization on an oyster restoration area in the Delaware Bay

Emily Scarpa, M.S. (2015)Cilliate Xenomas in Crassostrea virginica from Great Bay, New Hampshire

Joshua Moody, M.S. (2012)The relationship of the ribbed mussel, Geukensia demissa, to shoreline erosion in Delaware Bay