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Welcome to Galoppini Lab!


Galoppini group


Our group is dedicated to enhancing semiconductor and metal surfaces through the incorporation of photo-active and redox-active molecules. We are actively engaged in the synthesis of molecular components that not only attach the photoactive segment to the surface but also possess intrinsic properties capable of influencing interfacial electronic reaction pathways. Termed as “functionally active linkers,” these molecules are designed with additional functionalities to augment their role in the system. Additionally, our research delves into the utilization of chromophores housed within molecular hosts to foster interfacial host-guest chemistry. Employing systematic methodologies, we endeavor to functionalize nanosensors in a stepwise manner.

In essence, we aim to achieve precise molecular control over organic/inorganic and organic/metal interfaces. The synthetic strategies we develop have far-reaching implications across various fields where the manipulation of light absorption and charge transfer at molecule/semiconductor boundaries is crucial, such as in solar energy conversion, sensor technology, and molecular electronics.

We are grateful to NSF-CHE and DOE-BES for funding our research.