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Welcome to Galoppini Lab!

Galoppini group

Our synthetic organic group is interested in the functionalization of semiconductor or metal surfaces with photo-active and redox-active molecules. We are developing molecular components that link the photoactive portion of the molecule to the surface, and have intrinsic properties that can be used to influence interfacial electronic reaction pathways. We call them “functionally active linkers”, linkers with added functions or properties. We have also studied chromophores inside molecular hosts to develop interfacial host-guest chemistry, and we have employed stepwise approaches to functionalize nanosensors.

Overall, our objective is to develop control at the molecular level of organic/inorganic and organic/metal interfaces.  The synthetic designs that we are developing can impact research in fields where it is important to control light absorption and charge transfer at molecule/semiconductor boundaries, including solar energy conversion, sensors, and molecular electronics.

We are grateful to NSF-CHE and DOE-BES for funding our research.