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Principal Investigator

Elena Galoppini

Elena Galoppini


Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Organic Synthesis, Functionalization of Wide Band Gap Metal Oxide Semiconductors (TiO2, ZnO) and Metals

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas at Austin  1994-1996

Ph.D., The University of Chicago  1994

Laurea in Chimica, Università degli Studi di Pisa, Italy  1989



Office:  +1-973-353-5317

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Graduate Students

Katherine Lloyd, Galoppini group

Katherine Lloyd

Ph.D. Candidate (5th year)

BS of Science in Chemistry at St. John’s University

Helical peptides design for molecular dipoles functionalization of wide band gap oxides


Marzieh Heidari, Galoppini group

Marzieh Heidari

Ph.D. Candidate (5th year)

Project: Synthesis of Molecular Linkers with Application in DSSCs, DSPECs, OFETs, and OLEDs

MSc of Organic Chemistry at Iran University of Science and Technology

BSc of Chemistry-Information Technology at Shahid Beheshti University


Yang Zhang, Galoppini group

Yang Zhang

Ph.D. Candidate (5th year)

My name is Yang Zhang. I am from Suzhou, China. I obtained my BS in polymer material and engineering from Yangzhou University and MS degree in chemical biology from the University Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences

My projects involve:

  • Directing molecular assemblies into covalently bonded 2D organic materials
  • Synthesis of “stimulus-gated” (IR) bridges to influence intramolecular electron transfer processes


Binish Zafar, Galoppini group

Binish Zafar

Ph.D. Student (1st year)

MSc of Organic Chemistry at Lahore University of Management Sciences ( LUMS )

BSc of Chemistry at University of Sargodha 

Undergraduate Students

Lola Frey

Jenny Gavazi, Galoppini group

Jenny Gavazi