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Mapping Greek Lyric: Places, Travel, Geographical Imaginary, created by David Driscoll, Israel McMullin, and Stephen Sansom, headed by Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi.


This project is the first-ever attempt to illustrate on an interactive map key geocultural aspects of the rich lyric production that was generated and spread throughout the Greek world from the 8th to the beginning of the 4th century BC. We report and display data based on the ancient sources, without judging whether they are all historically accurate. It is the users’ responsibility to explore further.

The composition of melic, elegiac and iambic poetry, all included here under the term lyric, was a crucial component of Greek musical cultures. As mousike,with its various combinations of vocal, instrumental and kinetic activity, was a cornerstone in forming sensibilities and establishing ideologies, our project aspires to be a useful tool for all those interested in exploring the local origins and mobile dynamics of performance and culture in the ancient world.

Please cite as: D. Driscoll, I. McMullin, S. Sansom, A.-E. Peponi. Mapping Greek Lyric: Places, Travel, Geographical Imaginary [Date of access] (